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Epson printer is a well-known brand to produce high-quality printing gadgets. However, millions of people who are using Epson printer, getting “Epson error code 0x97”.

This error generally occurs if some damage persists in the hardware. In one word we can say that it is completely a hardware issue. 

If you are also getting this error, don’t be frustrated. This article is providing effective solutions for it. After going through this article, you will be able to eliminate this glitch from your Epson Printer. 


Resolving Epson code 0x97 with Epson Printer Repair Service

Hereunder are some methods which can resolve Epson printer error 0x97.

Unplug and Plug-in the Epson Printer

When error code 0x97 occurs, the first method which you can perform is, plug-in and unplug the printer:

  1. First, Turn off your router and unplug all of the connected devices. 
  2. Next, Unplug the USB drivers you are using. 
  3. Remove printer cartridges.
  4. Tap and hold the power button and release all outstanding power in the printer.
  5. After that, connect all cables and USB. 
  6. Now reinstall the printer cartridge and turn on the printer. 

See, if this error persists or not. If it persists, move to the next step or contact an expert to avoid performing the troubleshooting procedure on your own. 

Clean Mechanic pad of your Printer

Cleaning mechanic pad of your printer can also resolve Epson code 0x97. To clean it out, at first, you need to turn off your printer and remove the cover of it. Using wet tissue clean out the mechanic pad and leave it to dry. Next, connect it and turn on the printer. 

This method will fix this error in most cases. Occasionally, if it fails, contact an expert. 

Get in Touch with Epson Printer Repair Service

The solutions provided in this post will definitely resolve Epson Error 0x97. Hence, you require any further support to eliminate this glitch, you can always contact Epson printer repair service. Technicians will make sure that you get the best in class support at your doorstep.


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